Self Care -Take 4

I’m learning to be minimalist. Live with less. Quality, right? As a woman of God, I find myself stronger in faith, and impatience.  It is SO HARD to watch people your age achieve what you think you need to be achieving. Seeing a girl rock that lip color you wish you could or the way she … More Self Care -Take 4

Self Care- Take 2

It’s been a very odd few season for some of us. The weather has been weird and the news has been exhausting. It seems like every day something new comes crawling out of the TV speakers and I find myself regarding the news like a weird bug on my ceiling. Do I need to worry about this thing? Where did … More Self Care- Take 2

Promises and Prayers

I, too, make checking my social media as part of my morning routine. I hear my alarm, slowly wiggle myself to the outlet where my phone is charging and instantly start adjusting my eyes to the light of the screen. I start seeing the couple photos, the selfies, the memes, the vacations, the birthday shout … More Promises and Prayers