Where Passion Meets Planning

It is no secret that sometimes Our ideas move much faster in our heads than our heads. I mean, i can have a billion shiny ideas, but when I try to spit them out, years have gone by and it sounds like a flat tire. Our my ideas bad? Am I not confident? Am I listening to other peoples fears?
All of the above; within different moderation. I have decided to take a plunge and start my own side business. I have experienced what passion means. A small flicker, a warm brush against my fingers that force me to move.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my business. Dayna Scott Events is rapidly expanding. DSE is an event planning consulting business. I want to help encourage all of my clients visions to come true, while finding the best deals around town. A party shouldn’t be stressful, so plan ahead.

If you’re throwing a birthday party, anniversary party, BBQ, shower, wedding, baptism, family reunion, fundraisers, office mixers– let’s do it.

I am always interested in partnering up to other local artist and business owners looking to launch!




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