Human Means Exactly That

There honestly is nothing better after a long day or a stressful moment than hanging out with your people. Your best friends, your family, your partner; whomever that person is they make your whole heart swell. Luckily for some of us, we base “our people” by conversations, actions, love, kindness…basically just their character overall. Then, some people get based off purely by race and prejudices. WAIT. relax, this post is not going to be some long huge rant about why racism is wrong and why we all need to accept our differences because, as true as that is, we all are a little bit prejudice. Right? Over the way we judge certain people, by where they shop , their beliefs, how they speak or where they live or how they interact on a daily basis all because you have had poor experiences toward those reasoning. . That makes us human. How different would the world be if every single person looked, thought, and felt the same? Awful. Boring. Miserable. That is what makes the human population so beautiful.
Let’s look at it like this, My boyfriend and I are polar opposites. He is white and I am mixed. He leans more right and I left. He is logical and I am creative. He is a strong catholic, while I am non denominational. He loves sports and I love the arts. We are different but that is what makes our life fun. That is why I love him. I love the way Michael can love me like no one else. I love the way he has made me a morning person and the way he boosts my confidence, but we are entirely different.
Of course we have to have something in common, but I love our debates and conversations when we can keep them adult and not competitive, but again we are all human.
Let’s talk racism. Far too many people are so lightly throwing around the phrase “that’s racist” without understanding how dangerous that term is. Racism has so much hate behind it….I’m black, and I’m a woman. I’m a bunch of other really great things, but I live with those two traits with every day. They aren’t characteristics I can mask and cover up, but I am proud of me. A common misconception about racism is that people think it’s comprised of conscious hate, and that’s all. That’s absolutely not true because racism is a lot more complicated than that. Racism is fundamental and institutional. Racism is not believing you are better than another for some reason. That’s actually prejudice. Racism is prejudice plus power, influence, status and authority. Be careful the rhetoric you use. They are different and maybe you do not like that difference, but you need to internally address that without hurting that person. We’re all so busy with projects and programs that we miss it. We miss that world changing is ultimately about friendship, about breaking barriers, and reaching across cultures and comforts through the power of grace. Not about being a better race or superior to someone with differences.  Women, POC,  hindered communities like the Deaf and LGBTQ, oppressed cultures standing up for change and equality, that’s the kind of world changing I want to throw my hands up in surrender to, anyway. I want to be the kind of woman that makes more time for another struggling human. I am blessed, so let me help those who need loved BECAUSE of their differences.
If you know how to hug, lean in to listen, and tell the truth, you have a world changing weapon. While everyone else is running around trying to be somebody “better than everyone else”, we can wake up each morning ready to truly change somebody’s world because all you did was open you heart. You remembered the time you were treated differently over your choices, so imagine being treated terribly because of something you cannot control. And let’s be honest, we’ll probably only have a handful of opportunities to really step into someone’s world and show them Jesus and kindness. Small but powerful step that changes the world. That changes eternity. We change the world and we change eternity one tiny corner universe at a time. Remember that at the end of the day, we are God’s children, we are all different, and that is what makes this world magical.

For more understanding on the correct terms of Racism, Bigotry, Prejudice, and more, I would recommend


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