Is This Thing On?

I know for me, I have always taken pride in being a multitasker. I can watch a movie, check Instagram, listen to a story, and sing the lyrics to a song all at the same time. I was always this way. In high school, I could do homework while in the middle of a conversation with my best friends and simultaneously learning lines for the upcoming musical. It’s a productive trait. However, the older I get, I cannot help but ask if that is a good trait? Is it really a good thing to take pride in having my brain never fully being able to concentrate on one thing? Is it healthy to constantly have my brain running to keep up with all my activities? What benefit do I have in actually staring at screens all day, then willingly consuming my time with more screens?
I’ve touch on the idea of being a minimalist and being truly careful about what you are surrounding yourself with, but doesn’t that also mean making it a priority to connect without electronics? To connect with a person more than, “Hey! Can I have your Wifi password?” or to go hiking more than just to take pictures of the mountains through your phone to post it.

If you were to ask two years ago what my favorite past time was, I would answer something along the lines of, “spending endless hours on Saturdays going to the movies and watching movies to study”, but now I am much more careful about the movies I watch and how I spend my time in front of a screen. It is too much. We work at a computer, come home and watch TV, play video games, or sit on our phones. Honestly, I am starting to feel my body “naturally” conforming to the way I use my phone; my pinky holds it easier, or at least it almost feels odd when I stop scrolling, my head is always down so when I look up, I need to adjust my shoulders…small things.  I just am starting to get so grumpy over the way technology is being used rather than the millions of amazing ways it can be used. We are losing touch with ourselves, each other, and humans as a whole. Be kind and show interests other than candy crush and Instagram.

Breathe in and breathe out….think about this and remember that what you produce on the outside is a direct byproduct of what’s going on deep inside the soil of your soul. If it’s not love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control that oozes from every fiber of you being, then we need to check the root…we need to check in with the pursuit of the soul…and with what were feeding it.
I challenge you to give up your phone for ONE day. Ill do it with you (and for anyone who knows me knows that might be tough). Learn to reconnect and re group.
Then we can reflect on what our influences are. Perhaps that girl who hurt you desperately needs a hug. O that guy with the cardboard sign on the street corner actually does need help. did you even stop to think the old lady at the grocery store could use a hand? Maybe we shouldn’t shame or praise the skinny girl, the in between girl, or the curvy girl after a picture we saw online.  Together, we ought to just love them instead of shaming or praising them for their bodies. I know addition is a touchy subject, but is there a chance that the person that suffers from addiction needs additional prayers instead of additional judgment? You are not better or worse than anyone, and just maybe were not being “one up’ed”, but united in struggling along and maybe we all just need to give a little more of Jesus to the world when we don’t want to.
In College, Cathy taught my favorite and most inspiring class and she told us something I will never forget, which is when we are the most positive, truthful, and uplifting we can be, hurting people will pick us apart and put us down, it’s up to us whether or not we rise. Its up to us to choose how we react and what we take too personally.  Love others as we love ourselves, treat others like we want to be treated. Im not what everone has been taught, but I know that nice matters. God matters. YOU matter. THEY matter. Jesus died for all of us. In my opinion we need to learn about who they ARE, take up a hobby, go for a walk. Just get your head up and breathe. Phones are a great invention, but maybe they are doing more harm than good sometimes. We should remember to keep challenging our brains, keep ourselves stimulated and smart. We cannot get lazy on our ideals, brains, and education that most of our parents slaved over to give us. We must read, talk, feel, touch, explore, and turn our phones off to reconnect to what is importance.


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