Self Care- Is Minimalism Deeper?

Honesty hour :I think a fear is getting too overwhelmed with the idea of stuff; always need the next big item in order to stay relevant or “in”. If you know me well, you know I love to shop. However, I feel that sometimes I misunderstand what makes me feel empty at times; I don’t know if sometimes I am causing a slippery slope of emotional havoc on myself trying to feed something that can’t be fed.  Maybe when I go out and try to buy more clothes, or get more hair products, or shoes, or whatever, I need to really sit back and think, ” are these going to bring me joy? Do I really need to spend money on this..even if its on sale…”?

Its important to understand how to support ourselves physically, emotionally and financially. It is SO important to understand that while we’re growing and learning how to assertive ourselves into our own identities and having fun buying new trends and finding our way, we’re learning the consequences of our overspending. All the clothes we buy end up in random landfills all over the world all because after spending $50, that polo shirt, it sat in our clothes and was never worn till we didn’t want it or couldn’t fit it. There is no such place as away. My trajectory of thinking is completely warping.

The idea of minimalism is really starting to shift and shape my life and living situation. If I don’t wear it, at all, why keep it? If I don’t read the books at all, why not donate them? Keep asking these type of questions. Is all the extra breathing space in our lives to think and self explore worth being cluttered by stuff.? Granted, I have a long journey myself to go with this idea, but every day I am getting bit of a little bit more; toxic relationships, clothes that are no longer worn, books that aren’t being learned from, shoes that aren’t walking, and more.

I grew up in a household that taught me first hand the importance of financial freedom. The importance of having money in the bank for a raining day. The hardships of living pay check to pay check or being conditioned to save to buy things, rather than just saving. We don’t have to spend money on things when we can save money, being more peaceful and learn to start connecting again.

Think about how important financial freedom is. it’s peaceful. The down side, it is so many people’s love language, mine included. I love to buy things for people. So how to I counter that? That will be my next big journey. Figuring out how to alter my love language without sacrificing my love and passion for giving. Think about how your financial journey will be affected if you buy less coffee a week or online shop less.


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