I am a battery too.

I think one of the hardest things about being human is understanding the balance of being “on and off”; ya know, like being on around people and your friends and family and for work, but understanding it is okay to turn yourself off sometimes and recharge. It’s tricky. When is an appropriate time to recharge? … More I am a battery too.

Knock, Knock

I can tell you one thing, when I was growing up, I never took into accout how lucky I was to be given so many opportunites. I started out in life focused a lot more on what I didnt have being “second class” in a “first class” enviroment rather than all the tiny and huge … More Knock, Knock


I am starting to really understand how complex, exciting, refreshing, nerve wracking, exhuasting, thrilling, terrifying, overwhelming, lovely being an adult really is, and even then I know that I have a lot to learn. Moving has made me see how big the world is and how far I have come and have yet to go, … More Adulting.