There is nothing so stable as change

It has been about 2 years since I uprooted my life and transferred then returned. Transferred in a rash choice, only to realize that maybe I was not a person who liked change well.  In the midst of everything that seems to go right, something always tends to take a turn, and people who sometimes get comfortable don’t always know how to take it. Changing directions isn’t easy. After growing I have notice that I don’t necessarily like change, but sometimes change is that only positive thing we can do–changing is inevitable. I would say that almost every day, I meet someone who is afraid of change. It could be moving, a hair color, a new food, a class, or a new way of thinking; most people cannot handle change. As someone who constantly is working on her “control-ables”, change means risk and risk has this connotation where it doesn’t always mean there will be a reward. So how do you know this change is even worth it?

Your future is worth it.  I have discovered that change is learning to dance with insecurities and a roller coaster of emotion is only the hard part of the process. Go with it.

I went to the same school from kindergarten to 12th grade, but there was a point where I almost switched for high school. However, I was so nervous that I never did. To this day, I wonder what kind of person I would have become…but I believe that if I had changed schools, I would have missed out on amazing opportunities, so I am glad. When I got to college, I joined tons of organizations, auditioned for shows, and made friends from all backgrounds. When I transferred, I missed all of those things; I didn’t get involved at this new school, I only made a few friends, and I realized that this change was bad, I wish I hadn’t done it.

Then we get to October 2014 and I said to myself, ” I graduate in seven months…I need to change my lifestyle and get a full time job with benefits, get an apartment, and be a real life grown up.”

I was fortunate to be offered a full time position a month before graduate in an industry I never saw myself– car sales. I learned everything from the paperwork to the best way to approach a car deal to the values to the sales industry as a whole and beyond. After 6 months here meeting such productive and influential people, training for different avenues of sales, and working with customers, I realized I was craving more. That being said, today was the first time I have ever put in a two weeks notice letter for a different position in a brand new city starting in a month. Change. Change. Change is in the air. I have to do it. I can do this, right?

Doing this means I start a long distance relationship with my remarkable boyfriend, I am no longer 15 minutes away from my close friends, I miss out on all my favorite restaurants, but it also means that I leave all the toxic behavior behind, I leave the drama of dead friendships behind, I could have better finances, I meet brand new best friends, I am closer to home without moving back. Change is exciting, but change requires time, change takes stamina, and change takes patience.

Never settle.


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