I have learned through countless experiences that taking the time to sit there and just breathe will go a long way. Sometimes I have notice it is the smallest things in life that can tick us off the most. Roommates, Co-workers, siblings, friends, neighbors, technology–things that we need to accept as a part of our … More Breathe.

Love is a Verb

“Love is a verb, It ain’t a thing, It’s not something you own ,It’s not something you scream, When you show me love I don’t need your words, Yeah love ain’t a thing, Love is a verb, Love ain’t a crutch, It ain’t an excuse, No you can’t get through love, On just a pile of IOUS, Love ain’t a drug, Despite what you’ve heard, Yeah love … More Love is a Verb


Happiness is the trickiest word to me…as well as emotion. I mean, you think of a situation, or see that one special person, or get to experience something that just makes your belly do flips and your blood start to get warmer and your eyes get brighter and you feel like you can accomplish anything … More Happiness

The Ugly Truth

Overall, I am confident, social, ambitious, driven, excelling, talkative…but I am always shy, scared, anxious..I like to say that I am an outgoing introvert. For starters, as “open” as people think I am, I am very closed off; I’m a very private person; letting other people get to know all about me is difficult. In my personal life, … More The Ugly Truth